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Misting Systems For a More Comfortable Patio

If you live in a part of the country that could benefit from having a cooler patio and don’t mind a little extra humidity, then misting systems are the perfect solution for you. In areas of the southwest, the heat index can get so high that it is really a deterrent from going outdoors.

There is nothing worse than feeling stuck inside when you could be enjoying your patio or gazebo if it weren’t for those triple digit temperatures. Well, you wouldn’t have to suffer through that kind of heat if you had installed a misting system for your home or patio. You already know how the temperature on your covered patio is less than the direct sun, but you might be amazed by how much cooler it could be.

If you could achieve a drop in temperature of between 25-35 degrees, would you be interested? Yes, that is actually how much of a change a mist system can create. There are a few factors that affect that number, but it is possible.

One thing that will make that number vary is the humidity in your area. Mist systems work best in areas where the humidity is low. This is why they are popular in areas of the west and southwest desert regions, where humidity may be in the teens or even single digits during certain parts of the early summer months.

Misting systems work by creating very small droplets of water that cool the air and your body as they evaporate. This is why they work best in climates with little humidity. Consider what happens in a greenhouse. If the water vapor is kept locked inside, the air becomes very humid and the temperature can rise as well. You will find that your mist system feels best when there is a slight breeze or is drier outside.

The process whereby the water in the misting system lines is converted to droplets is called atomization. These atomized water droplets can be as small as 5 microns in diameter. This very small size is what allows them to evaporate and do the cooling. Now, you can achieve even greater cooling effect and efficiency if you also install a high pressure pump. This causes the pressure in your lines to increase up to 1,000 psi. This increased pressure actually allows your misting systems nozzles to atomize the water into ever smaller droplets. Smaller droplets equals quicker evaporation and better cooling effect.

One last point to consider is installing your patio mist system. For some models, you can simply buy them off the shelf at your local home improvement warehouse and put them up in about 4-6 hours time. If you need help or would like a professional to do the work right, expect to pay about 30% more. All in all, it is a matter of preference. If you have a smaller size patio or space you are going to be working with a professional might not be necessary.

Looking into mistings systems is probably one of the best ways to cool your patio and keep in mind that a patio misting system will drop the temperature way down in the summer.