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Mist Fountain Design – Step By Step Design a Misting Fountain

Gone were the days when misting fountains’ look and design were limited. From its humble beginnings, it has evolved into having different designs – it can be in the form of a tabletop or hanged on the wall; its colors are more diverse and they have even added more colors to the light bulb. Moreover, the technology is more advanced – the mist volume has increased and the tendency for the water to splash has been eliminated from the current models.

But more importantly, any homeowner should consider the benefits of setting up a Misting Fountain in their home. It creates a healthy indoor environment that in effect reduces the dryness of the room. We all know that dryness induces itchiness, nasal dryness and other conditions that can inconvenience us.

It also adds negative ions in the air that results to clearing the air from dust and small particles that can cause allergies. Thereby, giving you a cleaner and more refreshing environment. Negative ions also improve your mental outlook.

The product is energy-efficient because of the LED display that converts electrical energy into light.

Aromatherapy oil can be added to the Misting Fountain. The high intensity of its vibration can diffuse the scent into the air. You have to watch out for oils that are not pure because it can damage the ceramic disk.

People often wonder whether dry ice is use to create the fog effect. Although the effect is the same, it does not mean that it works in the same way. Because of the high frequency (1.7 million pulses per second) of the electronic module vibration it causes water molecules to escape from the water. The fog effect is brought about by the suspended water vapor in the air.

As in any other products, you need to watch out for some things such as the ceramic disk. This is the part that when struck generates electricity and creates the vibration effect. It wears out faster when oils and minerals are used in the water. When there is a decrease in mist volume or it does not produce mist anymore, then it is time to change the disk.

The Misting Fountain should be completely submerged under water because it is designed that way. Failure to do so will damage it easily.

Don’t use pure distilled water because it will take away the conductivity of the water. If you have allergic reaction to small particles in the air, you can use distilled water provided you add table salt into the water.

Although the moist created by the Misting Fountain keeps the environment healthy, you need to watch out for excessive moisture. There are several things you can do to eliminate this. Add ventilation near the fountain to distribute humidity in the room. Place the fountain under a towel. It does not only protect the surface it also helps in the evaporation process. The fountain should be kept in an open area.

A Misting Fountain does not only add aesthetic value to your room but more importantly, the health benefits far outweigh the cost of purchasing one for your home.

Here is a simple way of creating your own misting fountain:

First here are the things you need:

– mist maker unit – A/C adapter – Splash guard or center stand – Lid [or small bowl] to prevent water from splashing out of bowl – Fountain bowl or any bowl you choose – Fountain stand or something to set your bowl in

Begin by putting your misting unit at the bottom of the bowl together with splash guard.
Next drape the cord of the misting unit to the back side. This will ensure that cord is out of the way.
Now pour water to just above the sensor of the mist maker unit and put the lid on top of the stand. Remember not to use distilled water as specified earlier.
Lastly, plug your misting unit to the A/C adapter and you’re done.

Try it and enjoy your very own misting fountain.

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